Places of Interest

Bhiwani is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Haryana that has significance due to its religious ideals. It is also called as City of Temples or termed as small Kashi (Banaras). Bhiwani was founded by a Rajput King Neem Singh who named it after his spouse Bhani. Later it got renamed to Bhiwani. Bhiwani city covers all places of attractions in its arena in which temples are the outstanding part of its tourism. Due to presence of renowned temples and religious shrines many people from around the country come to this city to see all magnificent holy places of Bhiwani.
Bhiwani is over all a pleasant place to have good vacations in a holy city. This city was among the renowned places of Mughal Empire and other dynasties who ruled over it. Due to significance of such dynasties, the city has grown as major hub of tourist attractions which were built during ancient times. Since its establishment as separate district in 1972, it has developed as major tourist spot and Government has concentrated more on tourism department of the city. City has also witnessed many historical events right from the ancient ages to recent history of freedom movements. All key locations of such popular events are preserved in the arena of Bhiwani.

Popular Tourist Attractions of Bhiwani

Here are some of the popular tourist attractions of Bhiwani:

Hanuman Temple in Bhiwani

Hanuman temple is the oldest temple in the city which has majestic religious values among the people of Bhiwani. It is believed to be constructed before 300 years ago and it is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Large numbers of people turn out at this place on festive season and every Tuesday. The events like Hanuman Jayanti are celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in this temple and draws lots of devotees from all around.

Hira Puri Mandir in Bhiwani

Hira Puri Mandir is one of the historical temples of Bhiwani which carries idol of Lord Shiva. The temple is constructed on the banks of Dhobi Pond where sage Hirapuri had taken Samadhi. Therefore, this place is named after this divine sage of Bhiwani.

Khakhi Baba Ka Mandir in Bhiwani

Khakhi Baba Mandir is dedicated to Saint Khakhi Baba, a renowned sage of Bhiwani and passionate devotee of Lord Rama. He built temple of Lord at this place and devoted many years of his life in this temple. Hence the name of this temple is given after him Khakhi Baba Mandir. There are also showcased, the idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva in the vicinity of Lord Rama idol.

Jogiwala Mandir

Jogiwala Mandir is one of the prime locations of Bhiwani Tourism. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is situated in the centralized location of Bhiwani city. Many devotees visit this temple throughout the year especially during Mahashivratri.

Star Monument in Bhiwani

A magnificent architecture, star monument is the Samadhi Sthal of 5th Radha Swami Guru, Shri Param Sant Tarachandji Maharaj who is renowned as Bade Maharaj ji. This hexagonal structure is constructed in star shape at the elevated height of 6 feet from ground. The monument is 88 feet tall erected without any pillars and columns. This is amazing piece of architecture, that entire building is not having support of concrete pillars. A creative garden is also surrounding this Samadhi which depicts beauty of this place especially under lights.

Mini Zoo in Bhiwani

Mini zoo is situated in the city limits of Bhiwani and it has many wild animals and birds. This mini zoo was renovated again in 2006 and witnessed expansion in its facilities as well as features.It is the best place to visit for wild life enthusiasts as it showcases rare wild life creatures of nature.

Devsar Dham in Bhiwani

Devsar Dham is the renowned place located in the region of Bhiwani. This place has religious importance and significant impact on the tourism of Bhiwani.

Many tourists all around the
world come here just because of this temple. It is one of the sacred temples for Hindu community which is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

The name of the deity is ‘Rani Sati Dadi’ which is believed to be carnation of Goddess Durga. It is 27 km away from the city an
d witness
huge flow of devotee during Navratra.

Shopping Malls in Bhiwani

Bhiwani is one of the shopper’s paradises as it holds two major and other small shopping malls in its arena. People who are fond of local handicrafts and manmade items, these shopping complexes are the best place to get them. Suncity Mall is situated in the heart of the city near HUDA Park. It showcases lavish lifestyle of the city along with wide range of products which are internationally recognized. Suncity Mall and City Bazaar is the most alluring shopping arena in Bhiwani. City bazaar can be located at Jhankar road in Bhiwani. Tourists can take the glimpses of local handiwork and fine art sculptures in these malls. There are also other small and big shopping malls that can be reached in the town.

Best Time to Visit Bhiwani

Bhiwani is diversified location that can be explored in any phase of year. But there are some periods of time which are delight for tourism in Bhiwani. Basically it receives hot and dry climate in major part of the year. In summers, temperature rises up to 45o, hence tourists face some exertion while traveling in the city. Winters are also chilly and barometer reading falls up to 2 Degree Celsius, but still it is good option to plan a trip for the city.

Consequently, the ideal time to visit Bhiwani is between September to February due to scarce rainfall and moderate climate. December mid to January is the drastic phase in winter and temperature can be found at rock bottom during this period. So by exempting this phase of time people can enjoy the holidays in Bhiwani along with pleasant climatic conditions. Except May and June, tourists can also chose this season to explore the city along with taking precautions of journey in summers.

Things to carry while arriving at Bhiwani

Bhiwani is a semi desert area with some parts coming under the foothills of Aravalli. It receives three major seasons; summer, winter and monsoon. Hence people should prepare themselves for tourism according to the season.

While travelling in summers, people should carry more cotton clothes and should carry sunglasses, sunscreen cream, mosquito repellent, and sunshades as well. While going out for tourism, people should carry ample mineral water to avoid dehydration. It is advisable to wear full clothes and cover all parts of body before going out in the sunny day.

Monsoon receives very small amount of rains and it is not necessary to take major precautions of heavy showers. In this season people should carry medicines for all types of diseases especially for digestive problems. Cotton clothes are good option to take while going for Bhiwani tourism in monsoon.

Winters are ideal season for exploring Bhiwani. People should bring good amount of woolen during December and January month. Cold cream and necessary medicines should be brought along with emergency kit.

Hotels in Bhiwani

Bhiwani has many staying options. Tourist can choose according to their suitability and requirement among the various residing alternatives available in the city.

Hotels in Bhiwani are well equipped with modern facilities and advance features to gratify guests seeking best hospitality services.

They also help in planning tour packages for the city along with supportive infrastructure for touring the attractions. Some of the prominent hotels in Bhiwani are:

  • Baya Tourist Hotel
  • Sehnai Hotel
  • Watan Hotel
  • Alpna Hotel

Restaurants in Bhiwani

Restaurants in Bhiwani cater one of the most delicious cuisines in India. Typically called as north Indian food, they provide all the spicy and lavishing foods which are offered in this region. Restaurants in Bhiwani also serve Haryanvi food along with international cuisines such as Chinese, continental, Mexican, and other such variety of foodstuff.

These restaurants in Bhiwani are well furnished with skilled staff for serving all kind of pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and other similar light and speedy food items. Some of the top restaurants settling the taste enzymes of tourists from other parts of country are:

  • Spice World “A complete family restaurant”
  • City Club Restaurant